Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta talks about Arsenal’s exciting season

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta discusses the club’s fantastic season. He stated that whoever is framing Arsenal’s season has a unique perspective. Would it have been a mistake to lead the Premier League for 248 days before succumbing to Manchester City? Or is it a victory of procedure that a side largely expected to finish in the top four pushed Pep Guardiola’s machine into previously unseen gear and annihilated everything in their path? Perspective is a rare commodity in sports, but Mikel Arteta has enough of it. “I figure everyone would depict what’s going on with different words,” Stockpile’s director remarked. “However, the same people who thought we were going to finish sixth or seventh in the season are now saying that finishing second would be a disappointment.” That gives you all of the answers.

Arteta has been cautious, noting that his squad has progressed faster than expected while also acknowledging that Arsenal created an exceptional opportunity for themselves to end City’s hegemony on the title. They only dropped seven points in their first 19 Premier League games this season, but they have dropped 20 in their next 17 games. In a lengthy interview, Arteta describes the delight and pain of that reality. It’s been a long season, and it’s evident that a lot has transpired because the World Cup is only 10 and a half or 11 months away. It’s been quite emotional because of how far we’ve come and where we are now.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta talks about Arsenal’s exciting season

It’s been extremely energizing, but it’s also been extremely demanding in terms of energy and labor. It is always much simpler when things are going well. We have a terrific group and players, therefore it’s a pleasure to be a part of our group, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. There will surely be challenging times; we are all perfectionists, and there are many hours and criteria. I want to make the best of any challenging situation. However, I find it quite fulfilling in general. Yes, most certainly. That is what I believe I struggle with the most: When you feel like you’ve let someone down because you established unrealistic objectives for yourself and failed to reach them.

However, we must also consider our current position, the squad we are competing against, and where we are with two games remaining. As a result, many items remain. Furthermore, towards the end of the season, we may be able to assess our strengths. I’d say it’s impossible since they have phones, radios, and televisions, and they always have food. They get food from their families as well, so the ultimate goal is to find a balance and ensure that the signals we wish to express or believe are suitable for them carry more weight than others. Exactly one hundred percent? No, I believe it is really difficult because of the wealth of knowledge available to you. But I was quite strict about not doing these things.

He needs to talk about procedures because people get so focused on the end result that they don’t see all of the steps that go up to it.

Describe the path Arsenal has traveled with you. It is a very clear vision of our goals and objectives, followed by a detailed statement of how we intend to achieve them. You must then be disciplined. Because you can become quite confused, you need a lot of people to continually remind you of what you said, starting with ownership or the athletic director and the coaching staff. There is a lot of pressure and competition, and you want to take shortcuts in many circumstances, which you can occasionally do. We haven’t done it, but occasionally you can truly put your efforts into a difficult scenario. I feel we have been quite disciplined. We were really clear about how we needed to make it happen. We have advanced the plan when essential and paused it when necessary.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta talks about Arsenal's exciting season

“I believe that transparency is critical. In my opinion, the club has done an excellent job of being open, transparent, and explaining our intentions.,” He said!

This has allowed us to reconnect with our supporters, staff, and other club members, restoring a genuine sense of belonging. As a result, momentum increases. If you want to be successful, you need outstanding players, and we are working hard to improve in every manner. the essentials of daily life with them, living with them, and sharing wonderful experiences. We’re going through some difficult moments together. Coming here and having people around me who are full of energy and smiles, and who are happy to work with us every day.

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