Ivan Toney banned for 8 months for breaking FA’s betting rules

Ivan Toney has been banned for eight months after breaking the FA’s betting rules; the striker cannot train with Brentford until September, but Thomas Straightforward claims he will stay at the club; “There is no doubt about it: Brentford is his future,” the head coach remarked. According to Thomas Frank, Ivan Toney’s future is with Brentford, and the club will support him during his eight-month suspension. The striker has been barred from all football-related activities after violating the FA’s betting rules. Toney has admitted to committing 232 offenses. The discipline was handed out during a meeting with a free administrative commission, which means the 27-year-old will be unable to prepare with his colleagues until September 17.

Toney is currently ruled out until next year, but Straight to the Point believes his next appearance will be in a Honey Bees shirt, stating, “His future is with Brentford, there’s no question about that.” Frank also stated that Kevin Schade’s arrival in January will help compensate for Toney’s absence, but he did not rule out signing another forward in the summer. Frank elaborated, saying, “We were prepared for what would happen if someone on the front lines left us for a variety of reasons.” Because of this, we hoped to sign Schade in January. Indeed, we believe Schade and [Yoane] Wissa are suitable replacements.

Ivan Toney banned for 8 months for breaking FA’s betting rules

We actually discussed how Wissa scores anytime he has to step up after the West Ham game. We haven’t decided what we’ll do this summer. It’s something we should consider.” Frank also claimed that Brentford attempted to loan Toney out of the country while he was suspended. The FA has asked FIFA to extend the ban globally. Frank admitted that Brentford, along with Toney, is unaware of the striker’s permissible employment because they have yet to receive the FA’s written explanations.

Regardless, the head coach requested that the club support the player who has scored 33% of their Chief Association goals this season, adding, “We will do everything in our power to assist, encourage, and monitor his mental health.” Toney was first accused of 262 offences between February 25, 2017, and January 23, 2021, the majority of which occurred before he joined Brentford in the summer of 2020. Frank, on the other hand, made no complaint about it, simply remarking that the club “must deal with it.” He did, however, express his views on what he thinks to be the unhealthy relationship that exists between gambling and football.

Frank, whose side has a gambling company as their primary shirt sponsor, stated:

“In general, there is a gambling issue that we need to be aware of in society.” With all of the gambling-related promotions done by clubs and individuals in the game, I find it difficult. A gigantic blow for a player has undoubtedly had a huge impact on his team, which is at the zenith of its powers but whose future is currently shrouded in uncertainty. Toney has scored 20 goals this season. Only Harry Kane and Erling Haaland have more in the Premier League. He made his England debut in the spring and has been unmistakably competing for the role of Kane’s student in Gareth Southgate’s food chain. Everything has stopped shaking for a guy whose climb has been rapid. He may still appeal the seriousness of his authorization once the written explanations for the autonomous board’s decision are revealed.

I’ve been informed that those written reasons should be made public before the season ends, possibly even next week.

Once Toney has decided whether to accept his fate or seek an appeal, the FA will ask FIFA to make the eight-month ban global. The Football Association (FA) takes the issue of players and officials betting on football very seriously since it undermines the very core of the game’s integrity. If participants were allowed to bet money on the outcome of football games or predict occurrences during games, the competition’s integrity would be jeopardised. There is a lot of insider knowledge in football about what happens at other clubs, even if the bets are put on matches in which the player is not participating, and no professional footballer in this nation can claim ignorance of the laws.

Ivan Toney banned for 8 months for breaking FA's betting rules

Before the start of each season, FA officials visit each club and discuss with the players and staff nearly all topics that affect them – while keeping betting principles in mind. Those who think that the penalty is excessive point to Daniel Sturridge’s six-week (with four suspended) ban for a similar offense and Kieran Trippier’s 10-week ban for breaking betting rules. Regardless, Toney admitted to 232 accusations against him in this case. Trippier was called out for four charges, while Sturridge was called out for three. Pundits also point out that Luis Suarez received only an eight-match ban for using a discriminatory word against Manchester United’s Patrice Evra in 2011.

When Suarez only played eight games, how can Toney get eight months?

Because disciplinary decisions of this kind are made by an independent commission, football as a whole and the FA, in particular, can defend themselves against criticism in this area. FA authorities complete the examination, they level the charges, however, they don’t settle on the decision. Additionally, the independent commission is a quasi-judicial procedure that is frequently steered by a high-ranking legal professional from the King’s Counsel, such as a barrister or solicitor.

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