Javier Tebas claims La Liga might erase racism in 6 months

La Liga president Javier Tebas claims his association could kill prejudice from Spanish football in a half year whenever given satisfactory endorsing powers. After being abused at Valencia on Sunday, Real Madrid winger Vinicius Junior spoke out, highlighting “continuous episodes across several cities” and suggesting that LaLiga “belongs to the racists.” This caused the issue to make headlines. His club answered the most recent episode by documenting a disdain wrongdoing grievance with the Spanish State Principal legal officer’s Office.

Tebas apologized for his tetchy social media response to Vinicius, and at a news conference on Thursday, he complained that the league’s hands are tied by laws that limit LaLiga to only identifying and reporting incidents and rarely imposing punishment. “The ability to do more things is what we want. With the power we are persuaded inside the space of months this would be addressed,” he told the exceptionally organized meeting. ” We are going the legal way, and I believe that in six months, we will be the best league in the world and this will be zero.

Javier Tebas claims La Liga might erase racism in 6 months

Racism and homophobia are examples of unacceptable behaviors for which we seek competencies. Tebas responded, “When challenged on his claim of a six-month solution: We have had the option to have monetary control to stop our clubs failing so assuming that we are given the abilities we can stop this since it is simpler to stop than monetary control. “Tomorrow, a communique will be sent to the head of the government and political parties requesting that the law against racism, xenophobia, and intolerance be urgently amended, and requesting that the (Spanish Football) Federation and LaLiga have competencies,” the statement reads. Tebas responded when asked why LaLiga had not previously made such a request:

That was presumably a misstep of our own as well, yet we assumed we were gaining ground in the courts when we submitted questions straightforwardly. We have discovered that it is insufficient, and in order to resolve these issues more quickly, we require increased speed and agility. In the interim, Tebas stated that Vinicius would have his complete support in the event that he decided to leave the field in response to additional racial abuse. He continued, “I would, of course, encourage him to leave the pitch if he feels affected.”

Javier Tebas claims La Liga might erase racism in 6 months

It could be abandoned by him and the entire team.

That is the referee’s decision, but I would encourage him to leave the field because I and La Liga will be there for him. LaLiga has set up devoted revealing channels, through email and its site, to accelerate the distinguishing proof of individuals who participate in the bigoted ways of behaving yet starting from the formation of LaLiga’s trustworthiness and security division in 2015, there have just been, as per documentation given by La Liga, in excess of twelve bigoted episodes connected to matches detailed – less than two per year. However, LaLiga also lists nine separate incidents involving Vinicius that have occurred since December 2020. Four of these incidents have been resolved, and only two of them have been found to have involved racism, and the clubs involved are allowed to impose their own sanctions.

Although Tebas denied that Spain was a racist nation, he acknowledged that he was concerned about the league’s global image in light of the most recent allegations. However, he did not believe that the allegations would prevent black players from signing with La Liga clubs. “I’d be crazy if I weren’t concerned. Obviously, I’m worried, and we’ll try to change this image together. Tebas said, “Spanish football is not racist.” He said he would talk to Vinicius when things “calmed down,” but that he had contacted sponsors to reassure them. It doesn’t, in our opinion, reflect reality. This is difficult and unexpected, but we must face it; we can’t just run away and cry in the corner. We truly do shield dark sportspeople from any bigotry.

We will keep on safeguarding them from any put-downs they get on the field, in their expert vocation, and outside their expert profession.

“Perhaps the most extraordinary comment from Tebas came at the conclusion of the conference. Tebas admitted the affair had been very damaging to La Liga’s reputation on the world stage. You couldn’t help but feel there was a commercial aspect to this news conference, that Tebas was speaking as much to try and reassure sponsors as he was to players like Vinicius Jr. His reaction, while giggling, of ‘we don’t count them’, when asked the number of individuals of color that worked with him at LaLiga was totally amazing and said a lot about what’s happening at LaLiga right now.”

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