Man City ownership controversy won’t impact transfer plans | Erik ten Hag

Man City ownership controversy won’t impact transfer plans. Erik ten Hag is certain that the impending ownership change won’t have an impact on Man Utd’s transfer goals. Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani has boosted his fourth bid, and Sir Jim Ratcliffe is also a possible contender. Erik Ten Hag is certain that Manchester United can carry with their exchange plan this mid-year, regardless of whether there is a change in possession or not. A potential takeover has stagnated ever since the Glazer family revealed in November that they were considering selling the club as part of “exploring strategic alternatives.” Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Ineos Group and Qatari tycoon Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani are the two principal bidders vying to acquire United after making proposals to merchant bank Raine Group.

The manager of Manchester United, Erik Ten Hag, insists that his summer recruitment intentions won’t be affected by the club’s ownership situation. Minority investment hasn’t exactly been ruled out either. Even though it’s unclear who will be in charge before the new season starts, Ten Hag is sure that he can mold United’s roster over the summer. The United manager answered, “Yes, that is what I am doing, and that is our obligation. When questioned if the delayed takeover process was influencing transfer strategy or if he was allowed to move on with the recruitment staff. During this season, this must be our main priority and source of energy. At the same time, we must start making plans for the following season.

Man City ownership controversy won’t impact transfer plans | Erik ten Hag

Additionally, that involves communicating with your exploring division, fulfilling enrollment obligations, and obviously speaking with athletes. Ten Hag answered, “If there were no change in the ownership situation, the club would be able to move for their key targets this summer.” That much I believe. We talked about what we might do in the crew and what we might do in movements when I arrived here [at the end of] last season. The club also demonstrated its strength last year. So, in my perspective, there has been no change, and we can still carry on, as usual, this summer.

perhaps while hiring and other club practices continue as usual, there is considerable concern that a new ownership group may bring with it a different direction and perhaps different staff. As things stand, United is satisfied that the summer window has been adequately prepared for. The question of whether there will be a change in proprietorship and agreement with that arrangement is yet mostly unanswered. Last week, it was revealed that Sheikh Jassim Canister Hamad Al Thani had made an enlarged fourth offer to buy Manchester as a whole.

United have made signing a dynamic midfielder and top forward one of their top priorities for the transfer window.

The Raine Gathering, the New York-based investment bank overseeing the club’s deal, received Sheikh Jassim’s revised offer, which was accepted to be close to £5 billion but fell short of the Glazer family’s £6 billion valuation. According to sources, Sir Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS have altered their bid, putting them in a strong position to acquire United, while Sheikh Jassim has moved once again. On April 28, the third and last round of bidding came to a conclusion. Sheikh Jassim acknowledges that his offer is a very serious one that will benefit Manchester United much. These benefits include the elimination of almost £1 billion in club debt and the acquisition of a new asset for the development of Old Trafford, the surrounding area, and the club’s Carrington training facility.

Man City ownership controversy won't impact transfer plans | Erik ten Hag

Sheikh Jassim’s bid is larger than INEOS’s valuation of United, but it is not for the full team and would allow the Glazers to retain a 20% ownership interest. This summer, intermediaries have tried to bring Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain to Manchester United. Numerous teams have gotten in touch with them regarding Neymar’s potential availability. Despite the chance that a trade might be profitable, United is not now interested in him. In any event, it’s difficult to see how United could bring him in, pay for him, or aid in his transition to the Premier League.

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