Mauricio Pochettino, the frontrunner for Chelsea manager’s job

Chelsea has burned through £600m on players and needs a chief to mine that venture appropriately. This is why Mauricio Pochettino is a strong candidate for the position. Adam Lallana can recall every detail because the memory is so vivid. When Pochettino first entered Southampton’s dressing room in January 2013 to deliver his opening remarks before a training session, the midfielder described it as “an awakening.”

At that point, the Argentine had only taken a two-hour English lesson scheduled by his wife, but he had a magnetic pull. He was sharp,” Lallana noted. ” Despite the language barrier, he spoke passionately and looked the part. There was an immediate connection and a lot of energy in the room. The guys always wanted to play for him, and they were dying to know what scent he used!” As a manager, Pochettino frequently leaves a lasting and strong impression on his players.

Mauricio Pochettino, the frontrunner for Chelsea manager’s job

Philippe Coutinho was transformed from a castaway at Inter to a stunning playmaker at Espanyol, a club he saved from relegation against all logic. He would, directly and indirectly, contribute to Liverpool’s golden period under Jurgen Klopp.” The Brazilian would say, “Mauricio gave me a lot of confidence.” He assisted me with trusting in myself and becoming the player I’m.” Over at Tottenham, Pochettino’s impact on Harry Kane – the fourth striker when he showed up – is indisputable. He went above and beyond in rebuilding Ryan Mason, the player plus person, and persuaded Spurs to keep Heung-Min Son when the club wanted to change.

Pochettino could solidly steer the dressing room even during the extravagant Paris Saint-Germain show, where egos ran amok. In contrast to the conflicts that characterized the preceding and subsequent periods, there were no significant public disagreements during his tenure. Pochettino oversees the players, developing them after disarming them. He offers a subscription to the collective good and a journey to participate in. “When I look into people’s eyes, it’s easy to connect with them,” he told this writer. People can understand who you are and that first impressions matter a lot. To be solid and honest, people will relate to you. Players must have faith in you and feel how you work.”

Chelsea knows this about Pochettino.

They were aware of everything. They attempted to appoint the 51-year-old at Stamford Bridge twice under Roman Abramovich via Marina Granovskaia, who held him in the highest regard. However, there could be no more major requirement for his range of abilities at the club than now. Chelsea has invested £600 million in a seriously bloated team, and they need someone to help them get their money back.

There is a wealth of ability, yet the gathering falls short of certainty and sans bearing. Dejan Lovren once compared Pochettino’s energy, philosophy, and brand of belief to “becoming a superhero.” They are ready for it.

Chelsea’s enrollment staff realized Pochettino would work with the instruments available to him instead of highlighting moves.

This man was an exception in the Premier League when he played miracles at Tottenham with little to no net spending and went two windows in a row without signing a player. The crew is spilling over with smart players that would expert Pochettino’s requests for a high press, speedy hostile changes, over-burdens, and working from the back.

In addition, there is sufficient adaptability to accommodate a compact, organized midblock shape. Pochettino’s teams’ attacks have mostly challenged Chelsea’s fullbacks, who have many of them. Mykhailo Mudryk exclaims, “The list of players who stand to benefit from his appointment is long.” However, Pochettino will likewise be savage in managing a swelled program and removing those not equipped to satisfy guidelines or his strategic requests.

Mauricio Pochettino

He is additionally outstanding at overseeing associations with the people pulling the strings. Pochettino has never publicly criticized Daniel Levy, despite his desperate efforts to reorganize the team in the years leading up to his dismissal in 2019. They continue to be friendly, as with PSG’s hierarchy. This seems helpful because Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali, co-owners of Chelsea, are very involved. Except for France’s giants, Pochettino has consistently performed beyond expectations. In that regard, Thomas Tuchel, Carlo Ancelotti, and Unai Emery demonstrate that PSG is the problem, not the player in the dugout.

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