Why Erling Haaland deserves to win the FWA Footballer of the Year award?

Why Erling Haaland deserves to win the FWA Footballer of the Year award? It’s not customary for press box personnel to applaud players, therefore it’s odd to feel obligated to do so twice in a season. The same player was used both times. The first occurred in March when Erling Haaland was removed from the game against RB Leipzig in the closing minutes. If the striker hadn’t previously scored five goals, Pep Guardiola would have shown mercy. The second came after it was revealed that his goal against West Ham had just surpassed the Premier League’s single-season scoring record. For Manchester City, the number 35. There was a sensation of history being witnessed on both occasions, something that might never be seen again.

Why Erling Haaland deserves to win the FWA Footballer of the Year award?

The reason that Haaland is probably the person to blame if it is. Live viewing of Haaland is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. 22 of his goals this year have been a delight to see. Even still, he has only received 270 touches in those appearances, even if his eyes had been fixed on the ball the entire time. Within a week, Lewis Dunk might touch it more frequently. One might get the conclusion that Haaland is a player better suited to highlights reels than the live experience given his sparse touches and high goal totals. In actuality, the reverse is true.

When it comes to the Norwegian, there is always a propensity to wow with numbers, although this statistic is hardly ever brought up. This season, Haaland has made the fifth-most runs of any Premier League player. On the surface, that does not instantly stand out as proof of his greatness given that he surpasses so many other metrics. But when you take into account the fact that so few of those runs are made with the ball at his feet, a picture of his off-the-ball movement starts to take shape. He stands out from the other players on the list in this important way. Haaland has only run when in possession of the ball 8.5% of the time.

Of the 50 players who have run the most in the Premier League this season, that is the lowest proportion.

In fact, Jamie Vardy is the only player among the top 150 with a worse percentage. Haaland has so many inherent advantages, like his stature, speed, touch, and technique, that it is simple to ignore the movements he makes.

The notion that Gary Lineker simply happened to be in the right place at the right time has angered the three-time Golden Boot winner with three separate clubs. He claimed that when the ball did not come his way, nobody noticed.

Haaland is the same way. Turn your attention away from the ball, and there he is, stretching the back line like a velociraptor in search of defensive openings to give his teammates a tiny bit more room. repositioning myself to attempt it again a few seconds later. Pep Guardiola discussed what made Haaland so great in the press conference after he broke the record. What caught my attention was the compliments on his patience. The ball initially missed him in that game versus West Ham. Perhaps others had gotten scared. Haaland eventually received his reward, according to David Moyes, the first time Jack Grealish was afforded room to turn.

Why Erling Haaland deserves to win the FWA Footballer of the Year award?

At times, having patience has been crucial. Kevin De Bruyne frequently searches for him. Others at Manchester City have perhaps been a touch too cognizant of the value of keeping possession—ideas that have been inculcated by their coach—and a little too cautious. Guardiola stated, “Everyone needs to be aware that he is there. “However, you cannot rely solely on one player. Everyone takes part. I am aware of Kevin’s exceptional qualities, which is why we can find him more effectively through him. He cannot, however, be the only one. “I’ve had numerous conversations with him. Definitely, his ability to score goals is what helps us the most. But I would also like to see him more active in our process.

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